Malcolm’s eye is constantly being drawn to ironic, dissonant or simply wacky juxtapositions. This vision together with a fascination for semi-abstract forms has resulted in several long-running projects as well as short, quick series of images. This makes Malcolm a truly original photographer whose work is fun, deft, often humorous and simultaneously thought-provoking in its depth-of-meaning.

He finds the single image rather restricting and prefers to develop a narrative using series of photographs that are assembled into hand-made or short-run books. Recent interests include overcoming our obsession with the right-angle in book construction, and books as performance.

Malcolm cites the writers Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett as his two biggest photographic influences, claiming that it is not where you look but the way you see that is important.

He’s not just in to making his own photobooks though, He also enjoys seeing other peoples’ work. This blog is about the art and craft of photography and photobook-making – not just his own but also his experiences of others’ photographs and exhibitions.

If you want to contact him, try email: malcolm.raggett(a)gmail.com

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