Grayson Perry: “Democracy has Bad Taste”

Grayson Perry,  this year's Reith Lecturer

Two Sides. Image hack of Grayson Perry by Malcolm Raggett

This year’s Reith Lecturer (an annual institution of the BBC, in case you didn’t know) is the artist and Turner prize winner Grayson Perry.


Only Grayson would consider it necessary to give a radio lecture dressed as his alter ego Claire. Yes, he’s a man but he has a long-term curiosity about what it feels like to be a woman – and to observe how others react to a man dressed as a woman. Nope, Perry is not conventional in dress or in thought, so expect his lectures to be stimulating, entertaining and, at times, controversial.

The lectures are being broadcast on Radio 4 on successive Tuesdays at 09.00 London time (08.00 GMT) and repeated Saturdays at 22.20. They should be available on Internet radio and shortly after as a podcast. The first of the 4 lectures is titled “Democracy has Bad Taste” and will be as relevant to photography as any other artistic medium. This will definitely be worth a listen!

One response to “Grayson Perry: “Democracy has Bad Taste”

  1. Thank you for the information! I will definitely tune in (^-^)

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