Updating applications via Creative Cloud

I’ve had Photoshop Photography Program installed for only a few days and I’ve already been prompted to update Photoshop CS6 (i.e. version 13), Photoshop CC (i.e. version 14) and CameraRAW.

There are two ways to update: using the “old” Adobe Application Manager; or use the Creative Cloud application. A popup prompted me to update and when I clicked it, Creative Cloud opened – Creative Cloud looks like this:
Creative Cloud application

I clicked to Update All but after a few minutes it told me there was an error, please try again. Clicking again simply gave me another error message about a corrupt download. Unfortunately CC would not re-download the files so I tried another approach. I opened Photoshop CC and clicked Help | Updates. Interestingly, this opened Adobe Application Manager, which proceeded to download and update the applications successfully.
Adobe Application Manager

The Creative Cloud application has been available for a little while but is clearly still not as robust as the older Application Manager. Let’s hope the Creative Cloud application can update itself more successfully than it does the other applications!


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