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Inferior cone

How to give a cone an inferiority complex!

cone with painted barrel

Seen recently at Ardbeg distillery, Islay, Scotland. Copyright Malcolm Raggett

Sam Jones: Scottish landscapes

Sam Jones' exhibition

Sam Jones’ exhibition in the An Tobar Gallery, Tobermory, Mull, Scotland

I was recently holidaying of the Scottish island of Mull and visited the local art gallery in Tobermory where Sam Jones had a landscape photography exhibition.

The print quality was excellent, but the display space was rather cramped and poorly lit (as you can see in the photo!)

The exhibition was a cut above the average landscape show, not least because all the images were black & white.   Although I am a fan of b&w photography, it presents a different set of challenges to colour, which many photographers don’t handle well especially when tackling landscapes (what you see is not what you get!).  Removing colour means that the viewer is concentrating more on form and the quality of the light.  Sam has chosen very appropriate images here, and has used the graphic qualities of b&w to advantage.  Her images all display a full tonal range with good control of highlights and shadows and a tendency towards traditional composition (foreground-middle ground – background, that sort of thing).  In a small exhibition like this, this provides a consistency of vision.  If this had been a large collection I would have liked to see some exploration of a more limited tonal range, for example fog and rain.  Well done for getting a good exhibition together Sam!

Sam is also competent in colour photography and runs one-day courses based on Mull.  I decided to book myself on one of them.  Here are a couple of the images I took that day:

waterfall appearing as a vortex

A creative approach to a waterfall. I love the vortex sucking in the water from above and swirling the fern leaves below. Copyright Malcolm Raggett

two decaying boats at low tide

I couldn’t resist a b&w image in honour of Sam! Copyright Malcolm Raggett

You can see more of Sam’s work at, follow her blog at or even buy her b&w landscape book!

Horses reject new unicorn costume

Another bizarre cone picture!

cone in field with horses

Is this cone grazing with the horses? Or has the horn fallen off the unicorn on the left, which then turned into a cone? Image copyright Malcolm Raggett