Claire Aho and 1950s Finnish Photography

The Clare Aho exhibition at The Photographers' Gallery, London

The Clare Aho exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery, London

I have been a fan of the Finnish photographer Arno Minkkinen‘s surreal self-portraits for some years, so I was curious to see what other Finnish photographers’ work is like.  Claire Aho has an exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery, London, at the moment (ends 21 July 2013) so I went along.  The photos are from the 1950s to the 1970s and show a mastery of the sparse use of colour and design that we have come to associate with Scandinavia.   And yet they also have an international twist – they are reminiscent of the modernist-influenced work of Beaton and Parkinson.  There are individual images and a short video interview on the gallery Web site.  They also have a very good quality blog: well researched and written. Check out  the entry for Claire Aho and 1950s Finnish Photography.


One response to “Claire Aho and 1950s Finnish Photography

  1. I love her use of color!

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