Landmark: the Fields of Photography exhibition

“Landmark: the Fields of Photography” is a free exhibition of landscape photography showing at Somerset House, London, UK, until 28 April 2013. There is no publication and only a few of the images are available on-line, so a visit is essential: this is a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in the genre.

Exhibition brochure

Landmark: the Fields of Photography, in London until 28 April 2013. Unfortunately and ironically for a photographic exhibition, photography in the gallery was banned so I can’t show you any samples of the layout.

The Positive View Foundation has done some fine charitable work in the past encouraging photography as a means of expression with disadvantaged young people.  This exhibition continues their reputation for excellence and I’m sure will raise money to help continue the good work.

80 photographers have contributed work to the show, which is curated by the very experienced William A. Ewing.  He has categorised the images into 10 groups:


Although as I went round the exhibition I found myself questioning these categories and whether some images were placed correctly, this really is a counter-productive process.  In the end I enjoyed the progression of images that this layout gives, starting with more traditional, “straight” landscapes and ending on heavily computer-manipulated ones.  One or two even fell outside my definition of photography, being entirely computer-generated. But again, I don’t want to get hung up on definitions and semantics.

I cannot remember a better multi-artist exhibition on contemporary landscape photography.  Some of the photographers are well-known to me while others are a happy surprise.  It’s a shame that there is no accompanying publication to act as a record and also a shame that photography is banned (always ironic in an exhibition of photographs). Ah well, can’t have everything I suppose.  The curator, organisers and sponsors are to be complimented on achieving this excellent show.  You’d be mad to miss it!  


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