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Tagliavini at Diemar/Noble

Some of Christian Tagliavini‘s detailed and rather beautifully-designed images from his portfolios “1503” and “Dame di Cartone” are on display at the Diemar/Noble gallery in London until 7 January 2012. See them if you possibly can!

The first thing that struck me on entering the gallery is how much better the prints looked at near-life size than the reproductions I had previously seen in magazines and on-screen. Although I am often critical of photographs that are large just for the sake of it, in this case their size is definitely in their favour. This photo gives an idea of their scale:

Tagliavini's "1503" series at the Diemar/Noble Gallery

Tagliavini's "1503" series at the Diemar/Noble Gallery. Photo by Malcolm Raggett

In the “1503” series, the necks of the female models are a particularly striking feature. By clever illusion and, perhaps, careful selection of his models, Tagliavini has played on the key feature of the Renaissance painting “Madonna with the Long Neck” by Parmigianino (whose birth year was 1503 – not a coincidence I suspect):

Parmigianino. Madonna with the Long Neck c.1535

Downstairs you can view images from the “Dame di Cartone” series. These are a witty blend of 2-dimensional cardboard-cut-out-style costumes and 3-dimensional components in the form of sleeves, collars and the models’ heads and hands.

The photos are carefully researched, painstakingly crafted and well displayed (I particularly liked the face-to-face pairing of Ritratto d’uomo and Donna Clotilde). I am really looking forward to Tagliavini’s next portfolio!