The Photolounge was open at the Old Truman Bewery for a few days as part of East London’s Photomonth, so I took a look. The Old Truman Brewery at the north end of Brick Lane about 10 minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. There are lots of retail opportunities but above ground level there is lots of space available for exhibitions. Anyone could enter photographs but it was mainly keen photographers, some fresh from art school, others more established, who had their pictures on display. Some of the 30,000 entries in Photobox’s Around the World in 80 Days competition were also on display:


Photobox 80 Days competition result

Photobox 80 Days competition result


It was good to have such an eclectic mix of images. I past by the Art School images fairly quickly: they tell me a lot more about the person behind the camera than what is being pictured, and to be honest I’m too old and I’ve seen too many introspective images to be that interested now. But I do like  to see the work of young photographers who have matured enough to be telling me truths about the wider world.

After a look at all of the images, the ones I dwelt on or went back to were by:


2 responses to “Photolounge

  1. Thank you so much for coming to the Truman Brewery. There’s no greater compliment I can bestow than to say a work of art has provoked me to think or evoked a strong emotion – and I’m flattered that you returned to my images in a show crowded with so many different visions.

  2. Hi Malc

    Thanks very much for the kind words and glad you had the chance to wander round the shows. All i can do is Echo your sentiment in saying it was very Eclectic!

    best regards

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