Worldwide pinhole photo day, 25 April 2010

I usually use the highest quality optics I can afford and strive for sharpness in my photographs, but once a year (at least) I replace my lenses with a pinhole and go out and celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. In the past I’ve used a film camera but this year I used a digital camera with a Skink pinhole.

I had a few locations I wanted to explore fairly close to home. This was just as well because I quickly discovered that the standard shiny stainless steel finish on the inside of the Skink adaptor was giving a bright spot in the central area of the image, so I made a quick trip home to spray it matt black!

I didn’t have a theme in mind when I started out but what emerged was “intimations of water”, since all the pictures were taken close to ponds, streams, rivers or canals.
pinhole picture of willow trees, river Ter, Essex

There are more examples on my Web site. It is interesting that the quality of the photos this year on the small digital format is noticably softer than my previous effort on roll film or 5×4 inch film, and the overcast conditions gave a moodier atmosphere.

It has also encouraged me to experiment a bit more with lens-based photography, so this weekend I set the camera on manual focus took out-of-focus picture to give a more impressionistic effect – it was great fun! Some examples:


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